3 Seriously Great Reasons to CrossFit

PLAY. Feel the miracle of good endorphins. Finding somewhere awesome for adult “play” time is magical. Try to work out somewhere that positively challenges you and maybe even get a good laugh in with classmates. You’ll walk away with a natural high from a good hormone dump. It’s a real thing, folks! 

HABIT. Make some space in life to give yourself a chance to thrive. As cliche as it may sound, establishing a workout regimen can be a “keystone” habit for many people – a defining habit that positively creates space for change to trickle down into other areas of your life. Group fitness classes or personal training that reinforces regular attendance, accountability and community can make establishing these habits easier and more pleasurable.

STAND UP. Work out functionally so that you will be able to get off the toilet when you’re 80. This body of yours only gets one chance each day to be there for your family, for your outdoor fun stuff, to take your dog for a run, to kill it in the garden. Choose to be able to stand up.

Real life stuff! Have a great day!