Nutrition Coaching

The healthiest human diet will consist of drinking water when thirsty and eating plants, lean proteins, and sufficient unprocessed carbohydrates to meet the individual’s energy expenditure needs. That’s it. Now, as we all know, easy and simple aren’t the same. It’s very simple and far from easy. Here’s how we can help.

Scientifically Proven

Loft Nutrition will only ever present information that has been scientifically proven. Scientifically proven for our purposes means backed by sufficiently large studies in peer-reviewed journals. This is not without its drawbacks. Nothing we offer will be cutting edge or possibly
the magic bullet to weight loss or getting jacked. It will be tried and true, things you’ve heard before, and it will require work and lifestyle change. However, you’ll also have a team of coaches cheering for your victories and offering you a hand up when you slip.

We will also sometimes say “I don’t know.” Outside of the big ticket items – drinking enough water, eating enough protein, etc – nutrition is a largely personal journey. Eating is influenced by our social lives, our societal programming, our upbringing, and what the media feeds us (heh, get it?). There is no perfect diet like there is no perfect fitness program. There’s an ideal that will statistically maximize results, but when that collides with your in-laws at the holidays, it really doesn’t mean much if you can’t stick to it. Again, we’re here to help.


What does the program look like? It looks like you. We can’t make a program for you without knowing you any more than we could program your workouts without knowing your abilities. There’s an “Rx” like the workouts – to maintain, eat 0.7-1.2 grams of lean protein per pound
of body mass, 0.5-0.7 of fat, and carbohydrates to meet the remaining caloric expenditure needs. To lose weight, adjust fat and carbs down. To gain weight, adjust everything up. Eat a variety of vegetables to meet your micronutrient requirements. There are no secrets here.

Loft will be offering tiers of help with your journey. Pay for what you want or need, and change it when your life balance demands something else (up to once a month). All of our plans start with a 60-minute consultation where we discuss where you currently are with nutrition and where you’d like to go.

*These plans include an in-depth initial consult that costs an additional one-time fee of $100.

Plan Options

Our baseline nutrition program begins at $125/month and includes a completely personalized program to help you develop healthy habits and weekly check-ins with a nutrition coach.

If you’re interested in getting started or have any questions, please email: