What is CrossFit?

In short, CrossFit workouts will improve your fitness! To elaborate further, CrossFit specifically helps you develop all twelve aspects of fitness: Cardiovascular and Respiratory endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. However, the benefits aren’t just physical! Getting fit has mental health benefits too. Perhaps most importantly, exercise is an extremely effective antidepressant!

As you can see, this is not your average gym! Every class is coach-led. To put it another way, think small group personal training. Our experienced instructors demonstrate every movement and give you feedback on your form. In each class, you can expect (all in 60 minutes!):

  1. Each warm up includes a series of movements to prep your body to move weight! This decreases injury potential.
  2. The next part is strength or skill work! You might see back squats, bench press, or Olympic weightlifting. Sometimes this time is time to practice and learn higher skill-level movements.
  3. The metcon (short for metabolic conditioning) is 5-25 minutes long. This is the high-intensity, endorphin-producing part! Increase your endurance, and decrease your stress!

All Day Class Times

We offer coach-led classes from 4:55am to 6:30pm. Please view our weekly offerings.

Ready to Start?

If you’re new to barbells please fill out the form below! We start with a tour. Simply come in and check out our space. No pressure, no workout unless you want one. During this time, we’ll chat with you about your goals and fitness background. From there, we build a plan to set you up for success. The next step is a series of one-on-one sessions to ease you in. Our Injury Prevention Series lays foundation that will support life-long healthy fitness.

Experienced CrossFit athletes are welcome to check out a free trial class! You can do this by filling out the form below or by emailing us at In the email, we just need the class you’d like to attend. Feel free to include any questions you have!

Unlimited memberships are $226+tax. Our memberships are month-to-month with no contracts. We do charge a one-time $50 admin fee to set it all up!

Additional membership options available here.