Loft Closure November 17

Well, we know this isn’t what you want to hear, but Loft will be closing our doors again on Tuesday following Governor Inslee’s guidance released this morning. 

We don’t have answers for you yet regarding class schedule and equipment rentals. Our management team meets tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll email with details as soon as we have them sorted out. 

In the meantime, we know you are all as bummed as we are about the gym closing again and probably nervous about losing all your gains. Although we have no idea how long this closure might end up lasting, we do want to remind you guys that you got it back once, and you can definitely get it (and more) back again!

We will do everything we can to give you all the tools you need to maintain as much fitness (and mental sanity) as possible during this time. In our email tomorrow, we’ll be rolling out our strength and conditioning cycle plan for the 4-week closure. Who’s ready to get good at push ups??

On the bright side, we do have one more day, and we plan on taking full advantage of it! For our Grit-ters, we will finish off with a bang with the classic “Filthy Fifty”. And for Lift, what better time to retest your 1RM Back Squat and Strict Press!  Obviously our current strength cycle is getting cut short, but you may be surprised by what you’ve accomplished in the last 4 weeks!

Hopefully you will see some improvement, but if you don’t, please know that is also totally NORMAL especially since the cycle was cut in half. You guys freaking rock, and we can’t wait to see your faces tomorrow!

Lift – Loft – Love,

Loft Staff