Why us?

Good question! There are a lot of gym out there, but our coaches have been at this longer than most.

We emphasize good form, mobility, and safety – then introduce intensity. We’ll teach you what you need to know, then we’ll push you safely to your limits in a fun environment.

Whether you want to become a more competitive athlete, lose some weight, or get in shape for other activities, our staff has the experience to help you reach your fitness goals.

Sure, the workouts can be challenging. But we want you to have fun while you’re doing it. Life should be fun and that includes working out.

Membership Options

MembershipPrice per monthIncludes
Day Pass30 (one time)Drop in for a day! Includes Open Gym and classes.
Beginner400 (one time)4-6 one-on-one Injury Prevention Series classes. Includes first month Unlimited Membership.
Punch Card247 (one time)Any 10 visits, expires after three months.
Youth Functional Fitness167Ages 10 – 14. Unlimited access to Youth Functional Fitness class offerings.
9x Per Month172Nine day passes for any program.
Unlimited Access219Unlimited access to any class offering (Loft, Loft Remote, Olympic Lifting, Open Gym, Mobility).
24/7 Access24924/7 access to the gym space.