What’s test week? What if I fail?

…And what if I just don’t care??

Congratulations! We’ve made it back to some semblance of normal in this pandemic, and we’ve got TEST WEEK coming up! So… what is test week?

Test week is 8 days of measuring your current fitness level. Since CrossFit defines fitness with 10 components, it’s not something that we can test in one workout. We’ll be doing several max lifts and benchmark workouts over the course of 2 weeks. We’ll be testing strength, speed, power, agility, endurance, stamina, balance, flexibility, coordination and accuracy to get a snapshot of where you currently are on your fitness journey. That might be the fittest or the least fit you’ve ever been, or more likely, somewhere in between. This week isn’t a judgement on you – it’s a tool that can be used to set goals and measure progress in the future! The goal is not to break your body to eke out every last pound and second. For your life, this may not be a time when you feel like you’re at peak performance and ready to show off. That’s ok. The intention is simply to perform at a level consistent with your current fitness level.

What if I fail? Huzzah, you did it! You’ve found your max! At Loft, we’re committed to being a safe space for everyone. In this space, it’s safe to fail. In most of our lives, failure can have negative consequences – hurting feelings, being reprimanded, extra stress, and on and on. In the gym, failure is just part of the process. All you’ve done is learn something that you can’t do YET.

It is incredibly unlikely that you will PR (personal record) everything we test. We’re also not expecting everyone to be here for every test. Just come in ready to work on the days you’re able! Focus in on those gold stars and let the misses roll off. We’re with you for the long haul.

For those of you who aren’t particularly interested in testing your current fitness level, we’ll have a nice, sweaty cardio option for you each day. Feel free to test as much as you’re interested in testing and enjoy a long workout for the days you’re opting out!

Without further ado, our test week schedule breakdown!

Saturday – Our first Saturday of test week was inspired by the NFL combine and tests many aspects of explosive strength with a high jump, broad jump, heavy power cleans, and sprints.

Monday – We’ve got some strength staples paired with the most infamous CrossFit girl, Fran. CrossFit benchmark workouts are one of the threads that connect all CrossFit affiliates worldwide, and they were given girls names by Greg Glassman. Fran is a sprint couplet of thrusters and pull ups. This workout should be scaled to take less than 5 minutes and represent the absolute fastest that you’re capable of moving your body through the 21-15-9 reps.

Tuesday – On Tuesday, we venture into Olympic weightlifting with our first Oly max – the clean and jerk. Once we’ve found that max, we’ll be good and warm for a C&J couplet with rope climbs! As the reps go down, the weight goes up. This one will test gymnastics endurance and your ability to move heavy weight under fatigue.

Wednesday – We’ve got a bit of everything on Wednesday with some max gymnastics in 1:00 followed by a one rep max deadlift and 1.5-mile run. The deadlift is the heaviest lift for most people so we’ll be putting some big numbers up that day! The 1.5-mile run is a great test of mental fortitude – how hard are you willing to fight to hold that pace?

Thursday – As a deviation from our test weeks in the past, we have recovery days built into this one on Thursday and the Sundays. We are asking A LOT from our bodies this week. Focus on quality nutrition and quality sleep to get you through the second half. If you miss one of the other days, Thursday/Sunday is an opportunity to come in and get it done.

Friday – Get the Boyz II Men ready for some bench press on Friday! Then we’ve got another couplet with overhead squats and shorter runs. Why so many couplets? The simplicity of two movements helps us drive that intensity up. The overhead squat is a great test of midline stability – how fast can you move with a light weight and maintain control?

Saturday – We’ve moved our Filthy Fifty test day to Saturday. This is our best endurance test, with 50 reps of 10 movements. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.

Monday – More Oly! Here’s the clean and jerk’s bestie, the one rep max snatch! Do it once heavy, and then do it 30 more times!

Tuesday – We’re closing out test week with a three rep max front squat. Why three instead of one? Your three rep max front squat is a good approximation of your theoretical max clean. It’s good to compare the two to gauge your technical proficiency in the clean. You’ll also have a chance to show off that technical proficiency in the clean with a fun benchmark WOD created especially for you by coaches Mallory and Ariel. “Queen Kong” was inspired by an OG CrossFit workout, King Kong. King Kong uniquely features extremely low reps – the whole workout is 30 reps, but massive numbers – 455/320 deadlift, anyone?! Mallory and Ariel were both inspired by this workout in their early CrossFit days and wanted to end test week on a tough “dreamer” benchmark.