Loft can help you keep moving!

Welcome! Looking for a CrossFit gym in West Seattle to help you meet your health and fitness goals? LOFT IS HERE FOR YOU! Your fitness is our passion!  

Let’s begin with an intro! Hi! We’re Loft Fitness, a CrossFit gym in West Seattle offering CrossFit classes for all levels. We know 2020 was tough: pandemic, closures, masks, stress…not to mention the bridge closure and being stranded on an island!! It’s A LOT for anyone to deal with! Is that home gym not quite cutting it? Would you like a bit more of a challenge to get those sanity-saving endorphins going?

Let’s kick off 2021 right! Loft offers multiple classes a day suitable for all fitness levels. Our small class sizes (capped at 5!) mean that you get coach feedback and encouragement in every class. We get to know you, learn your fitness goals, and customize every workout to you!

For more information, let’s start with a little bit about you:

CrossFit Zoom classes based in West Seattle

If you’re staying home to protect yourself or loved ones, check out our Zoom classes! Our coaches stream every live class. We change our workouts to provide you a challenging workout, with whatever equipment you have available!

You’re welcome to turn your camera and mic on and get the same quality coaching and feedback you do in the gym. On the other hand, you can also mute it, turn the video off, and just follow along. We program our Zoom classes so that you can join in whether you have a fully decked-out home gym or just your body.

We are sweating it out daily in Zoom classes for all ages – join us for $100 a month. Come cheer each other on, laugh, sweat and see the faces of our community daily! 

If you’re still here, check out our Zoom WODs posted daily in Wodify.and on our blog. Got more time? Check out the programs that we are so excited to get back to!

Covid-19 Precautions

It can be scary getting back to the gym if you’ve been home for awhile! At Loft, we’re working hard to keep you (and your loved ones!) safe. Check out our safety measures below. We:

  • Require masks at all times
  • Temperature screen everyone who enters the building
  • Ensure our staff is symptom- and exposure-free daily
  • Space out classes by 15 minutes to allow time to sanitize equipment
  • Open the bay door and windows to maximize air flow
  • Limit class sizes to 5
  • Limit open gym spots based on square footage
  • Do not allow anyone in the facility who is exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms

Questions, comments or concerns

Let us know what you want! What can we do better? Text us at 206-558.9064.

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